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Healthy.com.au is website dedicated to bringing you information, recipes, news and advice relating to helping you and your family live a healthy lifestyle in Australia.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not just an issue for overweight or obese Australians. Australia has long been considered a sunblessed, active and healthy country. Our sport-loving, active lifestyles, however, are to a certain degree being outpaced by the strong influences of high fat content diets and less active pastimes.

Childhood obesity is a well-publicised problem throughout the developed world with around 25% of children being classified as overweight or obese in Australia today. This is a recent phenomenon and the most pessimistic predictions state that this may lead to the next generation of children being the first generation of Australian’s to die at an earlier age than their parents.

With obese children having a 35-45% chance of remaining obese into adulthood – the problem is significant. Asides from the immediate consequence of obese children suffering from social discrimination and low self-esteem, Australia as a country is becoming less healthy – and it is a problem that is starting at childhood.

Being skinny, however, does not necessarily equate to being healthy.

Healthy.com.au is here to help you make informed decisions about the health and wellbeing of you and your family and to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.