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Yoga Styles

What are the most popular Yoga styles?

Yoga is practiced in different styles. It’s a bit confusing especially now that yoga masters add some of their own techniques to enhance a certain style. But basically, each style is founded on the fundamental principles of Yoga. The postures used in Yoga are quite similar to each other but differ on its emphasis. All […]

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Getting To Know Yoga

As a fitness regimen today, Yoga is not merely an exercise for the body but it’s an exercise for the mind and soul as well. Yoga dates back between 1000-5000 BC in India as an ancient path to spiritual growth. The goal of Yoga then was to promote union of the self (finite jiva) and […]

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If there was one sport that was the best for body strengthening, it would be gymnastics. Gymnastics is a sport which involves a series of individuals events that showcase amazing physical ability. Disciplines including the trampoline, the parallel bars, rings and the basic floor mate are some of the major draw cards in the sport, […]

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How to Stretch Properly

Stretching muscles is one of the most relaxing and beneficial exercises for the human body. Loosening up our muscles offer great health and mental benefits and allow us to live a life free of tension and a lack of flexibility. But, the problem with stretching is that it is so often don in the wrong […]

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The golden rule

STRETCHING before you exercise is the golden rule that you must not avoid. Not stretching before you play sport or exercise can have dire consequences. It has resulted in many hamstring injuries on the football field in recent years just from not stretching enough pre-match. It is taught so much at junior level that stretching […]

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