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bad breath

Health checks when your body speaks to you

Recovering from a cold or a mild fever without taking medication indicates your body is capable of curing minor illnesses because it is built to fight infections. But sometimes a mild fever may turn out to be a big one which may be a way for your body to let you know that something is […]

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Feeling depressed about winter? 5 ways to beat the winter blues

Winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a condition that affects people when the season changes. People who suffer from winter blues manifest symptoms of depression such as major changes in appetite, weight gain, energy loss, prolonged sadness and feelings of uncertainty and remorse. These symptoms may range from milder to severe forms that […]

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Anxiety attacks and disorders are part of everyday life. They are very common, and the chances are everyone knows at least one person who has, or will have regular anxiety attacks in their life. Everyone knows the feeling of anxiety. It occurs when we are nervous about something, an event, or even a person, and […]

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Tourettes Syndrome

Tourettes syndrome is one of the worlds most misconceived disorders. Thanks to many movies and popular culture references, most of the world not think that someone who suffers from the disorder actually just swears and yells out verbal abuse all day long. While this can be part of the case, it is far from the […]

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To free yourself from suffering

MILLIONS around the world practise buddhism; a religion and a philosophy that includes a variety of traditions, beliefs and practices. This is largely based on the one and only – the Buddha – or what buddhists like to call “the awakened one”. Buddhism is one of Asia’s most popular religions but has extended world wide […]

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