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Genital Herpes

There is no sexually transmitted infection any of us want to get, or want to see others get, but one we would all like to avoid is genital herpes. Herpes of the genital area is an STI that occurs in around one in eight Australians, and is very common in other parts of the world. […]

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Gonorrhoea is a commonly sexually transmitted infection (STI) affecting millions of people around the world. It is caused by unwanted bacteria and can be spread by contact with the mouth, vagina, penis or anus. It is generally caught during sex and other sexual acts where genitals are involved. What actually happens during infection is the […]

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Sexually Transmitted Infections can often be a grey area of discussion when it comes to health. Those with any infections are often very nervous and embarrassed about their problem, and generally find it very hard to discuss the matter publicly. One of the most common sexual infections is the disease known as Chlamydia. Chlamydia is […]

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No shame in seeking help

MEN face more difficulties with sex than what most imagine. Most believe they are invincible in bed until one of the following problems occur. Erectile dysfunction or impotence, performance anxiety, delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, low sexual desire or low libido and sexual aversion. Sex can have such an impact on your relationship. If it going […]

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The urge to urinate

URINARY infections, indeed, produces annoying symptoms that can last for a long time unless treated properly. Most people – who have sex – get urinary infections in their lifetime and it will begin with a painful burning feeling when you are urinating. You will also feel the need to go to the toilet a lot […]

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