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Of all the many sexual transmitted infections in the world, syphilis is one that actually can be treated, and has a cure. Unlike HIV, genital herpes or warts, syphilis can come and go. While it can prove to be fatal in the long term if it is not treated, it can generally be overcome with […]

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Asthma is the disease affecting our airways and breathing ability. When air is taken to and from our lungs and when that air is affected, it means we have the disease known as asthma. Physically, the inside walls of an asthmatic are usually swollen of inflamed. This then makes the airwaves extremely sensitive to irritations […]

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Do you have the SADs?

THE winter blues can bring on a whole heap of depression and now if you are suffering from this during the change from autumn to winter – you have a condition called the SADs. This Seasonal affective disorder which is a type of depression that is tied to seasons of the year. It may be […]

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Tearing Your Knees Cartilage

A famous person once said, “take care of your knees, you’ll need them a long time.” I have no idea who that person is, but either way they are wise. Knees are one of the most important parts of your body. They allow us to walk and run, and are therefore the most crucial joint […]

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Stress not good for the tummy

In our modern society stress is commonplace. Whether it’s work, relationship, friends or more than likely at the moment money worries stress levels are unfortunately incredibly high. Now Australians are being warned not to ignore the link between high stress and signs of tummy troubles,  such as poor digestion or discomfort. (more…)

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