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Keep Your Immune System healthy

When it comes to health and preventing illnesses, the good old proverb comes to our mind, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. To prevent our body from infections and illnesses, we need to keep our immune system fit and strong. We are often exposed to a lot of germs, dust and a lot of infections in […]

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The benefits of Zinc

Each cell in the body contains a vital mineral called Zinc. Zinc is usually found in the body’s strong muscles and stored in high amounts in the red and white blood cells, liver, bones, pancreas, kidneys, skin and retina of the eye. In men, the semen and prostate gland comprises large quantities of Zinc. Adding […]

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Bee Pollen

The Wonderful World of Bee Pollen

What’s the buzz about the health benefits of using bee pollen? Considered as nature’s most powerful and healthiest food, bee pollen is a “the perfect food” for our bodies. 40% of bee pollen is made up of protein and in addition to this, it contains 96 nutrients that are all beneficial for the sustenance and […]

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While there are plenty of supplements people use to gain weight and muscle, there are also quite a few used to lose weight and shed off those excess kilo’s. One of those is Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut is a nutritional supplement manufactured and marketed by Iovate Health Sciences that is designed to help consumers lose weight. There […]

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Multivitamins: Good or Bad?

There is a lot of debate in the world about wether or not multi vitamin tablets and pills are actually any good for us. According to advertisements, they are, and by default most people in the world believe that they are a short cut to living a perfectly healthy life. However, this is far from […]

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