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Foods men should eat in moderation

  Years of experience and research indicate that since men and women are different, there are different foods that are beneficial to each of them. In order to maintain good health and wellbeing, there are some food products that men and women should avoid. Looking at food broadly, there are some categories of food products […]

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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

Eating food that you crave is not harmful. But, binging on it is unhealthy and unacceptable. Most of the food that you crave is not ideal for a healthy diet but when you consume small quantities, you allow yourself to enjoy the guilty pleasures of life and not harm your body in the process. You […]

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Cluster of ripe bananas

The Benefits of Potassium

The body’s cells and organs need the right amount of potassium to function normally. Apart for it being a mineral, it is also considered an electrolyte together with magnesium, calcium and sodium chloride which are vital in maintaining the electrical conductivity in the body. In line to this, potassium and its adjunct electrolytes play a […]

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Where does Fairtrade Coffee come from?

Fair trade is a global movement to promote better working conditions and justifiable incentives and income to the workers and producers of certain products. Coffee is a basic product to almost every family and individual. With the high demand for coffee supply, farmers are pressured to produce more. Unfortunately, the prices of coffee have plummeted […]

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healthy skin

Healthy Skin Through A Healthy Diet

We often hear the cliché “You are what you eat” and this is certainly true for your skin. And as our skin is the first line of defense against foreign materials it is important that we put as much attention and care to it beyond that for aesthetic purposes.

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