7 Steps to a Lean Body

To get that lean look you’ve always fantasized about, all you need to do is go to the gym and workout! But we all know that it is easier said than done. Some people follow their workout schedule diligently while the others leave it half way. And most often than not, people do not get what they desire. However, in order to get that body you have always drooled over, you need to put in a lot of dedication and hard work. Only working out in the gym may not yield results. Diet is also an essential component that can help you get the body you have always wanted.

The following seven steps will guide you to reach your goal of having a lean body:

  • Regular Gym Workout: Being irregular with the gym is a problem that most people face. One needs                  to have a dedicated mind to keep up with the schedule. Having an erratic workout can hamper your goal. So                    try new things at the gym, make use of the machines and keep yourself interested in what you are doing.
  • Play a Sport: Working out in the gym is scheduled, but you cannot guarantee a full body workout daily. Though cardio-strength training helps, playing a sport daily will give you a whole body workout which will eventually lead to a leaner body. Sports like squash, tennis, swimming and cricket involve flexing each muscle. In fact, great amounts of calories are burnt and stamina is shown to increase if one plays a sport consistently.
  • Drink more water: People who exercise lose a lot of water by sweating. Water is an essential component of the body and it has to be replaced. Water is also necessary to throw out waste; it also helps circulate all the bodily fluids which in turn help burn body fat. Thus, to keep your body in good shape, always ensure you replenish your system with its lost nutrients.
  • Food intake every two hours: We all try and stick to the usual 3 meal time-table.  But sometimes it isn’t possible to eat at regular intervals. Sometimes, we also tend to eat a lot in one meal, like at lunch and then skip dinner. This is a bad eating habit. Most dieticians are of the opinion that one should consume small meals every two hours. Meals do not mean a whole nutritional diet. It can include a fruit after the breakfast and then a small lunch.
  • Avoid protein shakes and pills, follow balanced diet: Never believe in pills and protein shakes to lose flesh. It has short term gain and a lot of side effects. Instead, plan proper weekly diet which is balanced and includes fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in small amounts.
  • Kick smoking and reduce alcohol: ‘Smoking leads to weight loss’ is a myth. Smoking reduces stamina and the lung capacity which is unhealthy in the long run. Drinking beer regularly will not help either.
  • Be happy with the results: Even though you do not lose much weight in spite of regular exercise, don’t be unhappy. Happiness allows you to keep moving towards your goal since it keeps you motivated to achieve results.



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