What are the most popular Yoga styles?

Yoga Styles

Yoga is practiced in different styles. It’s a bit confusing especially now that yoga masters add some of their own techniques to enhance a certain style. But basically, each style is founded on the fundamental principles of Yoga. The postures used in Yoga are quite similar to each other but differ on its emphasis. All in all, the poses are used to achieve control over the mind and body.

When choosing a style to pursue, pick the one that will fit your character and physique. Here is a list of the selected different styles of Yoga:

ASHTANGA: Is considered as Power Yoga. Its intense athletic style makes it very popular and appealing to individuals who want to have a sense of independence and order. Derived from the definition of Ashtanga, which means “8 Limbs”, it is composed of 8 components: breathing control, sense control, concentration, absorption, meditation, ethics, posture and morality.

ANANDA: Focuses on meditation and spiritual origins to create harmony of the body, mind and soul. The main goal of this style is geared towards relaxation, increasing consciousness and development of correct alignment with the use of postures.

ANUSARA: Defined as the flowing of grace, the emphasis of this style is on heart opening. With the belief that all people are inherently good, it is a style filled with optimism and pleasure.


INTEGRAL: A combination of different branches of Yoga, Integral yoga is a gentle and non-competitive form of class. The goal is to unite the mind, body and spirit to lead the person in living a life of happiness, peace, productivity and healthy lives. Ultimately, it aims to create harmony between man and creation.


BIKRAM: Poses of Bikram Yoga is done in a heated room. Thus, the name Hot Yoga is given to this kind of style. With the combination of dynamic poses and high temperature (95-100 degrees), the body feels warm and becomes flexible. Since Bikram raises the body’s core temperature, it is not the style advisable for pregnant women to use. This style can lead to dehydration so make sure that you drink lots of water before and after the class.


These are just some of the many different styles of Yoga like Kripalu, Kali Ray TriYoga, Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda, Svaroopa, etc.. Find some moment to know about them and decide on the one that will satisfy your needs and suit your capabilities.

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