Aussie Rules Football

There are plenty of sports that are great for health and fitness, and each person responds well to different sports.

When it comes to having the perfect cross level fitness, it is hard to find the ‘right’ sport.

Australian Rules Football is one sport that comes pretty close to ticking all boxes of fitness, but also one that does a great job of ruining them all.

The sport, often referred to as just footy, depending where abouts in Australia you are living,, is a combination of soccer, basketball, and rugby, mixed with plenty of athletic running.

The basic principal is to kick what the game calls a goal, by using your feet and hands, running and tackling as much as you can along the way.

There are too many rules to mention right now, but to give you a basic understanding each team has 18 players on it, played n a grass oval and can accommodate all body shapes and sizes.

The sport requires good athletic ability. In a standard game you will be required to run at least five kilometers start/stop, and will be hit to the ground plenty of times.

You will need good hand/eye co-ordination, good awareness and great agility.

Height is an advantage, as too is vertical jump, but the most important part is good kicking and handpassing skills.

In short, to be good at the game you will need a great cross-level of fitness, and as a result your health and fitness will improve rapidly.

The bad part however, is that because the game s so rigorous and tough, your body will take a real pounding, and it will pay the price after years of playing.

While the exercise and endurance side of the sport is great, the hard hits and high impact can make it very dangerous at times, so there are real contrasting sides to the sport.

For now, how bout just check out some footage of the game:

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