Many People see the sport of boxing for what it is on our TVs and in the media: a dangerous and barbaric sport that attracts huge crowds and has huge paydays.

There is no hiding this side to the sport. It is a brutal sport, and does have severe effects to those who compete for many years in the sport.

Numerous people have died as a result of boxing and many more will do so as the future unfolds.

But what society often fails to see is that there are two sides to boxing.

In addition to the glorified, hard-hitting, dangerous sport, we also have one that brings fitness, strength and good health to those who enjoy it.

Boxing isn’t all about smashing your gloves over the head and face of your opponent.

That is where the sport has evolved to, but the natural form of boxing is using your arms and fists to hit pads and bags and gain fitness in the process.

If you have ever done a boxing workout, you will understand just how tough it is.

The thought of throwing your fists at a bag for two minutes straight does not sound that hard, but when you actually do so, it’s a different story.

Your shoulders will feel every ache and your heart rate will rise immediately.

The benefits of boxing are huge. It increases your cardiovascular ability, gives you more strength, more agility, more flexibility and your overall health will prosper.

While the image of competitive boxing will always tarnish just how beneficial the sport of boxing is, there will still always be millions of people talking part in the activity and enjoying every calorie burning moment of it.

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