Fart Lek Running

Fart Lek running is one of those terms that gets a giggle every time it is mentioned.

The truth is, it really shouldn’t be a laughing matter, as Fart Lek running is far from a funny experience.

In fact, a good session of the workout is sure to get your heart rate booming, and your body collapsing in pain… good pain that is!

So, what is Fart Lek running??

Fart Lek is all about differing the speeds of jogging, and varying the intensities form slow to fast and fluctuating between them.

A typical session will begin with a 400 meter sprint, followed by a 400 meter slow jog, followed by a 300 meter spring, then followed by a 300 meter light jog, and so on.

The idea is to get your recovery during the slow jog periods, and to get the fitness and results during the sprinting stages.

The exercise is great for endurance, and for strength and speed, and it really does give you an all round level of running fitness and ability.

the basic principle in Fart Lek running is to fluctuate from fast to slow phases, and if this is followed then it really does not matter what distances you run, as long as overall a decent workout is had.

Depending on what sort of sprinting you want to train for, you can reduce or extend the distances between intervals.

Overall, Fart Lek running is a great way to keep fit and to get an all round level of running ability.

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