Get your lungs firing

It goes without saying that you cannot expect to reach your total fitness goals unless your key organs are working as they are supposed to.

Because we breathe every minute of every day, we sometimes forget about the importance of breathing correctly and of the possibility of improving our lung performance.

There are many things you can do to improve the capacity of your lungs, and they are not all exercise based.

For example, recent studies have linked fish oil (yes, that wonderful substance) to significantly improved lung capacity.

The case for consuming fish oil seems to be growing daily, so it could be worth finding a way to include some capsules into your daily routine to help expand your breathing power.

Many stand by the value of saunas, and the American Journal of Medicine has said the hot steam in a sauna will clear your lungs of the bugs and germs that can reside within.

It’s pretty relaxing to sit in a sauna after a long run or swim anyway, so maybe give it a shot!

Yoga is fantastic for many reasons, but one that sometimes goes unnoticed is its ability to stretch out our breathing apparatus.

Ashtanga yoga is the branch that is probably the most athletic, but any yoga will help you improve control over your breathing and get the blood flowing.

Of course, exercising at a high rate will always help push you to greater heights. Two of the best options are running and boxing.

If you do a boxing regime, really focus on opening up your mouth and sucking in the big ones. Do four or five sets of high-intensity punching, trying to keep your heart rate high for the whole time.

When you are running, regularity is the key, as well as slowly building distance. Your lungs will adjust along with the rest of your body.


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