Hackey Sack

Hackeysack is the term used to colloquially refer to the game of Footbag.

Now, I’ll get this over with early, Footbag is the official name, but just like Frisbee, one brand dominated the market so much that it will forever be remembered as the brand name, rather than the sport name.

So, what is hackeysack???

Basically, it is a sport that requires you to keep a soft, plum sized ball/bag off the ground using all parts of your body except your hands and arms.

Obviously kicking is the main way of achieving this, but when you watch the professionals, it becomes clear just how far the game can go.

For those who are familiar with the Nintendo video game California Games, you’d probably be familiar with the sport, as it was one of the most popular events in the release.

As a beginner, you will find Hackeysack to be much like the sport of soccer, just using he top of your feet and occasionally your knees to keep the footbag off the ground.

At the start, reaching ten hits will be a good achievement.

But, before too long you will begin to use the outside and inside of your feet, your head, shoulders and even back to control the bag.

Then, there are stalls…

Stalls are where you stop the footbag on certain parts of your body. The easiest is stalling on the base of your foot, and from there it goes to the knees the head, inside of the knee and even your chest.

The sport is great in groups as well, and it is great when a group of about five or six joins together to keep the hackysack of the ground in a team effort.

Footbags can be purchased for around $20 for basic designs, but then move up in price the better you go.

And for those who thought it was just a casual sport, think again. There are annual world championships, and many who make a living out of it, with sponsorships and endorsements.

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