Introduction to boxing fitness

If you have tried running, cycling or swimming and it’s not for you, look into boxing training.

Not only does boxing training give you a great cardio workout, it is a holistic training regime that will tone and strengthen your muscles too.

You can do boxing training at home or you can complete it at a regular gym or, if you are super keen, at a proper boxing gym.

Let’s assume that you will want to try it at home first.

You will need some basic equipment. A skipping rope, a medium boxing bag and some boxing gloves. Instead of the boxing bag, you could opt for a speedball.

Start with the skipping. Aim to do one minute of skipping at a time, and depending on your level of fitness do between three and ten sets.

Next, move onto the bag. Stand close to the bag – maybe thirty centimeters away – with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Begin to rapidly tap the bag with light punches at the height of your stomach. Make sure your wrists are facing up. Do not try to hit the bag too hard at this stage, or you risk injury.

Again do one-minute sets, aiming for between three and ten.

If you go for the speedball instead of the bag, you will be doing a slightly different workout. You will probably need to watch a video of a boxer using the speedball to get a feel for how it works. Remember that it is a 1-2-3 motion; the bag will hit the will three times for every punch you land.

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