Lacrosse is one of those sports that if you walked into a room and mentioned you played, the room would either as you what on earth you just said, or buy you a drink for being one of the few who knows about the game.

In Australia lacrosse is virtually an unknown sport. However, overseas in places like France and Serbia, it is almost a national sport and followed with great passion and skill.

Much like Rugby Union is notoriously played in a few countries, lacrosse is a specific flavour in a handful of countries, mostly European.

So, what is the sport all about?

Well, in basic terms lacrosse is a lot like Hockey, in that the aim is to get the ball, or puck into a small net at either end of a rectangle court, while protecting your own goals.

But what makes the game so unique is the fact that you do so with a stick that has the ability to catch, thrown and pick up the ball ff the ground and in the air.

In short, you can pass the ball from player to player, scoop it up of the ground, and carry it the whole length of the field to score a goal.

While there is no talking, the defensive strategy is to defend them into a situation where they are forced to make an error.

The sport can be quite physical, with big bumps and hits allowed, as well as the odd stick whack allowed to go unnoticed by the referees.

The good thing for the players is that you do wear protective gear, such as helmets and padding across your body, so f you do get hit, it will to have too serious impact.

Smaller lacrosse leagues do exist in nations across the world, even if they do not have national side, and for more information head to

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