Max OT Workout

When it comes to gym work, there are many theories and routines used by the public to achieve ultimate strength and muscle gains.

Some are designed to give you more muscle mass, others just to tone, and some even just to keep you fit and healthy.

But there are also ones that are solely designed to give you strength gains.

The Max OT workout routine is one of these.

The program consists of most regular workouts in terms of what exercises to do and how to do them, the only difference is in the weight you actually lift, and the amount of times you actually lift the weight.

In a normal standard workout in the gym with eights, it is common and recommended that you compete between 8 – 12 reps of any given exercise, and you do so for around 3-4 sets.

In the Max OT workout, the theory is to reduce the reps and increase the weight.

Working on a strength only theory, users are encouraged to lift only 4-5 reps on their maximum weight, and you really should not be able to have any strength left to lift more than six times on any exercise you do.

Their theory is simple. Much research has found that every rep you complete after six reps is actually working to fatigue and tire your muscles, and therefore you will not be able to get the most out of your muscles for future reps.

The Max OT workout works on the belief that if you keep the reps under six, you will keep your muscles fresh and allow for more strengthening.

They also believe that people are more focused when they know they only have a few reps, rather than a dozen.

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