Cross Fit

Cross fit is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today.

Fitness freaks are always trying to find better and improved ways of training, and are constantly finding ways to improve and test their health.

For years, gym work and exercise was seen as the best way to do so, which resulted in a era of heavy weight lifting mixed with running and other cardio training.

What Cross Fit has done is try to combine all these elements into one style of training.

Cross Fit is very much exactly what it’s name suggests, it’s all about cross fitness and combining all positive elements of training into one.

So, what exactly is it and what does a training session involve?

Well, the interesting thing is that there is not one standard or set routine, every day you enter a cross fit session you have no idea what you are doing and it changes every day.

One day you might walk in to find the daily session just five maximum dead lifts. However, the next day you could walk in and find the exercise to be 200 push-ups, 200 sits ups, a 3-kilometer run, followed by another 200 weighted squats.

One of the most common training routines will include dead lifts, squats, chin ups, muscle ups, a short run and squats.

One of the novelties is that each workout has a unique name so that all other gyms in the world have a common schedule.

You see, Cross Fit is all about unifying fitness enthusiasts’ from across the world.

Each Cross Fit gym must be registered and part of the global website, which will include times of all members and a rating of their best times.

Each year the nations best gyms will compete in a qualifying event for the world cross fit games.

The top competitors form all over the world then meet for a tournament of grueling exercise to see who has the best cross-level of fitness in the world.

When training in a cross fit gym, it is very interesting to see the diversity in athletes you get.

One client may be an expert when it comes to cardio, but hopeless with weights.

So the idea of training is to give you a good broad base of all types of fitness.

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