The Tour de France may have come and gone for 2010, but there is no doubt thousands of people were inspired during the three week event and dusted off their road bikes for a bit of exercise.

Le Tour has been known for it’s ability to rekindle people’s love for road cycling, and this year was no different.

The sport itself is one of the best exercises possible for the human body, combining all types of endurance, strength and willpower, while at the same time taking the stress of the body, as it is low impact.

The good thing about cycling is that there are many natural varying conditions, so it really does target and focus on different muscle groups during a standard ride.

For example, if there is a hill climb, certain parts of your legs are engaged, so too your arms that are used to pull yourself up the mountain, while if it is a flat ride, different muscles are focused on.

While most of the workout does concentrate on your leg muscles, it does not mean they are the only ones getting a workout.

Your arms are a vital part of road cycling as they help pull you up hills and balance the ride so too your cores strength, which is virtually engaged the whole ride.

As mentioned before, the low impact takes all stress of your body’s joints and gives you a real workout minus the side effects.

The sport is great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping you fit and focused on life.

And, in addition it’s also a great mode of transport!

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