American Football

The sport called American Football is very well known all around the globe, thanks largely to the biggest annual sporting event in the world, called the Superbowl.

The Superbowl, the grand final of the American NFL, attracts hundreds of millions of viewers from across the globe, many of which have little to no idea about how the game is played.

Here in Australia, it is a sport that people are still struggling to grasp.

The sport itself is very unique, and is one of the only football codes where players wear protective gear on their head, their thighs, their shoulders and chest, their groin region, and their ribs.

In fact, there are very few spots on an American footballer player that is not protected during a game.

When watching a game, it visually looks a bit like a rugby game, where two opposing sides face off on a rectangle oval and attack form one side of the field to another.

The thing that makes it so unique, however is that the game is constantly top start, with plays usually not lasting any longer than ten seconds at a time.

After every attempt to move the ball forward and score a touchdown, the team gathers for a discussion about what play to perform next.

In a basic set up, the team is dependant on the quarterback, who is regarded as the playmaker and has the call to pass, throw, run or kick the ball in attack.

In defence, there is a whole new team set up and they usually consist of bigger bodies at the front to stop the run, and more agile bodies in the rear to chase down runners.

While the sport is often criticized for it’s big hits and impact on health, it is one of the most protected sports in the world and really caters for people of all shapes and sizes.

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