With the Commonwealth Games now upon us, and all eyes on the Delhi event watching some of the worlds best sportspeople doing their things, it’s fair to say there would be a few viewers asking questions about some of the lesser known sports, and what they are all about.

One of those sports is badminton.

Unlike other racquet sports like Tennis and squash, badminton doesn’t get the publicity or recognition it deserves or probably warrants.

As a result it’s one of those sports that only really get a mention once every four years at events like these.

It’s the kind of sport that you could dominate all throughout the year, but if you do not win at the Games when all eyes are on you, it’s easy to remain a ‘nobody’ in sporting circles.

So, for those of you who have no idea how badminton works, I’ll do my best to give you an overview.

As is the case with other racquet sports, a game is played on a rectangle court with a net dividing two opposing sides where opponents stand.

One hit each at a time, you are required to hit a shuttlecock (the equivalent of a tennis ball, but with a unique shape) over the net and into the restricted area.

If the shuttlecock hits the great inside the court, you lose the point.

The interesting and unique part of the game is that the shuttlecock travels in a strange way. You can hit it very hard and it will still pull up very quickly, as it has a lot of air drag.

Asian countries like China and India are the ones that generally do well at the sport and embrace the sport a lot more than western countries do.

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