With record rain falls across Australia this year, and other parts of the southern hemisphere, it’s fair to say our rivers and lakes are looking a lot better than they have in the past.

Many stretches of water now have levels back up the point needed to facilitate some great white water rafting, and of course kayaking.

For those of you who have never tried the sport before, I highly recommend you give it a try at least once.

As well as being great for your health and fitness, it’s also a great adrenaline sport, and the type of thing that is perfect to get your mind of the stresses of every day life.

The sport of kayaking itself involves a small, oblong shaped floating vessel, in which you sit in, with your legs inside it.

Equipped with a paddle, you can steer, accelerate and brake the kayak whenever need be.

On flat water you are in total control of the vessel, however, once a rapid begins and there is momentum and white water, you are in the hands of god.

While you have control over which direction you go, and what path you paddle down, you will find it hard paddling upstream against the current.

The best part about the sport is that it gives you a full upper body workout.

Paddling constantly in all directions, your arms and shoulders will benefit greatly, and not to mention your cardiovascular ability.

To top it all off, you are doing so in the water, so the added level of excitement is there also.

The only issue with the sport is that it can be dangerous, and it is strongly advised everyone who tries kayaking or white water rafting wear a life jacket.


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