THE 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off this weekend and when the Socceroos front up for their first game against Germany on Monday, it is expected there will be more and more young Australians wanting to play the game.

That is the expectation.

Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek told a crowd at a Johnny Warren Football Foundation dinner just a fortnight before the Socceroos left for South Africa that Australia needs to invest in more facilities if it is going to be successful at the World Cup in the future.

He compared the facilities in Australia to his home at the Netherlands.

“Physically they are (Australia) more than capable, the next thing is about building academies, building facilities,” Verbeek said.

“It’s a start. We’re also starting to get a fair few people in Australia that like football. It’s a big step and in my two and a half years, football is getting better and better all the time.”

If you had thought of starting the game before, now is definitely time when it is at fever pitch around the world.

It will get you fitter than you can imagine – and it’s not just chasing the round ball – but the amount of training that goes into it.

You need to be amazingly fit to run out a 90 minute game of soccer.

Football Federation Australia shows that there are many clubs – and many new ones – around the nation and it is these figures that will provoke the sporting body to invest in more facilities.

At the moment Aussie Rules and Rugby League are getting the majority of the dollars, soccer is beginning to blossom but hasn’t quite made it in the country.

The more people that get involved the better. Don’t just cheer on the Socceroos at home or at your local pub – try it out yourself and you will become much fitter and happier because of it.

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