Table Tennis

IF you want to stay indoors this winter – and still want to get fit – then dust off the old table tennis table and bats and start playing some table tennis.

Surprisingly, table tennis can help your fitness in all facets given that you need the tenacity and speed to chase the ball from side to side.

The game plans involved are also very strategic and professionals say that the game helps your concentration skills which of course help other facets of life including driving, studying or simply focusing on something in general life.

You would be extremely surprised at just how much you might sweat during a game of table tennis. If you play a long set of games, then you would be rushing from side to side and then having the ability to focus on your game plan.

It may not be as physically demanding as tennis, but it is the perfect sporting option during winter if you are mor eof an indoors person.

It can also be played in the garage or in your living room or whereever there is space.

Table Tennis is also played competitively at sporting clubs around Victoria.

There are regional teams, there are simply club matches, state and national matches.

Table Tennis is an Olympic sport and although, it is not very popular in Australia, the Aussies still have a strong team who train regularly throughout the year.

There are many types of bats or racquets that you can buy depending on your game plan. The rubbers on your bat tell the story of your game plan. Some have defensive rubbers which slow the ball down; others have attacking rubbers which make the ball go faster and some even like a combination with one defensive rubber and one attacking rubber.

Head to your local table tennis centre now or simply just head to your garage.

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