Excercise 101: advanced abdominals

If you have developed a good strength foundation for your abdominals and you want to progress further, you will be pleased to know there is no shortage of good exercises to do.

Advanced stomach exercises should only be performed once you have spent two or three months establishing a solid strength base in your core.

Here are a few new exercises for you to try.

Knee Tucks

Place your hands in pushup position and your shins on an exercise ball. Roll the ball inward towards your arms, tucking the knees to the chest as you go. Keep your body firm and tummy tucked in throughout. Return the ball slowly to the start. Repeat.

3 x 10 reps

Swiss Ball Rotations

Lie with your shoulder blades on the Swiss ball, and your feet planted firmly. Your hips should be raised as in a bridge position. Hold a light weight or a medicine ball above your chest, in the centre. Tighten your abs and twist the weight/medicine ball all the way to one side, hold for a second, then return to the top. Repeat on opposite side. Repeat.

3 x 10 reps

Oblique Knee Drops

Lie with your back flat on the floor, knees drawn in to 45 degrees. Place a medicine ball between your knees. Position your arms out wide, as in wings. Rotate from the hips, dropping your knees to the floor on one side. Remember to strengthen through the stomach as you go. Return to the top and repeat on other side. Repeat.

3 x 10 reps


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