Exercise 101: seated cable row

The seated cable row is one of the most efficient exercises for developing correct posture and building strength in your back.

Using the machine at your local gym, you can get good results quite quickly as long as you stick to the correct technique.

Here’s how to do it.

Firstly, choose a weight that is strong enough for a slight workout, but not so strong that you struggle to fully pull the cable to your stomach. This is an exercise for which you have to get the technique right first; worry about the weight later.

Sit at the machine and think about having your back vertical. You may need to draw in your belly button to make sure your lower back is not curved in.

Ensure that everything is stable, so that the only body parts to move will be your arms and shoulder blades.

Clasp the handles. As you pull the cable towards you, aim for it to touch your stomach. It doesn’t matter if you take it all the way, in fact it is probably best to stop a few centimetres short of your stomach.

You should visualise a piece of string being pulled through the centre of your back, through the lower part of your shoulder blades.

Remember that the important part is to feel that your lower shoulder blades are drawing back, and keeping the rest of your body still.

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