Exercise 101: the 300 workout

If you are an experienced and fit gym enthusiast, you are probably always looking for new challenges and ways to improve your fitness.

Well here is a workout that is not your everyday routine – the grueling regimen followed by the acting cast of the hit movie, 300.

This is a fast-paced circuit training routine that sees you do, in total, 300 repetitions of various challenging exercises.

Here is the workout in all its glory:

25 chinups

50 deadlifts using a 60-kilogram barbell

50 pushups

50 box jumps on a 50-centimetre box

50 floor wipers

50 single-arm clean-and-presses with a 16-kilogram kettlebell (25 each arm)

25 chinups

The best performers can finish this in under 18 minutes, but you should be looking to do it in about 20 minutes when you first start.

Make no mistake, it is an immensely challenging workout and you will need to have a fair bit of experience and strength behind you if you want to get through it.

At the end, however, you will be as ripped as a Spartan!

Good luck!

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