Five great Swiss ball exercises

The Swiss ball is an incredibly flexible and valuable addition to any exercise routine.

If you haven’t used a Swiss ball before, you may need to do a couple of more basic introductory exercises to familiarise yourself with its mechanics.

Here are five of the most useful and easy to learn Swiss ball exercises.

Pelvic Clocks

Sit tall on the ball with your feet flat on the floor.

Start to gyrate your hips slowly, making sure you use your lower abdominals and your pelvis to make a circling motion.

Do three circles to the right and three to the left.

Ball Squats

Place the ball between you and a ball, with the lower back pressing against the ball and your feet shoulder width apart and slightly in front of you.

Lower yourself by bending your knees, rolling the ball up your back as you squat.

Stop at the point at which your thighs are parallel to the floor. Slowly return to starting position.

Do ten of these.

Arm Circles

Lie flat on the floor and put your feet on the ball, then bend your knees to a right angle.

Pull your stomach in to stabilise the ball.

Raise your hands towards the ceiling and make circles in both directions, using as big a range of motion as possible.

Four times each side.

Ball Crunches

Lie with your mid-back on the ball and your feet pressing against the intersection of floor and wall for support.

Place your hands behind your head and recline back.

Using your stomach muscles as the driving force, contract and lift your torso slowly towards the wall.

Repeat ten times.

Single Leg Raise

Sit on the ball and place your feet on the floor, flat and hip width apart.

Suck your stomach in and raise one leg off the floor, all the while using the lower stomach to maintain the ball’s position.

Alternate your legs, and lift higher each time if possible.


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