There is a plethora of sports for the extreme lovers that include wheels, a board, and concrete.

Skateboaring, rollerblading, bike riding, and scooter riding are just a few of the current extreme sports going around. But now there is another set to join that list.

Allow me to introduce you to Freebording.

Freebording is a new type of board riding, which has an interesting selling point.

Unlike standard land skating devices, this new design allows riders to experience a board that drifts, slides and carves up the concrete, if that is even possible.

The designers of the product were trying to emulate the movement of a snowboard when they come up with the product.

The first step was to introduce another wheel to each end of the board, which rotates as you ride it.

In total, there are six wheels, two that rotate and four that are firm and used to allow you to steer and control direction of travel.

It is really hard to describe how Freebording works in just words, so you really need to check out the video for a better understanding.

Either way, freebording is a great way to get a bit of fitness, get your heart rate up, and more importantly, give you that much needed adrenaline boost which does wonders for your mental well being.

Yes, there are a few dangerous elements attached to the sport, and people should be aware of them and wear protective gear whilst riding one he these boards.

It is a sport that will be made easier with a background in surfing, skating and snowboarding, but that is not to mean beginners will have no chance of picking it up.

If you were keen on picking up one of these new products, they are selling online and in selected stores for around $450.

Happy Freebording!

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