Gain weight: exercise and diet

Some of us are just born naturally skinny.

For those of us with inherently quick metabolism and a lean frame, putting on size can be a real challenge.

While most attention in the modern day sees people focus on diets trying to lose weight, there are a lot of people who are self-conscious about their skinniness.

If you are truly committed to getting bigger, it is achievable, but you will probably have to be patient and persistent to see results.

The first thing to do is to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy weight gain. You don’t want to load up on fatty, unhealthy foods that will just see you become ill and fat.

What you need to do is increase your calorie intake with clean, fresh and healthy food options.

You will probably want to combine this with an exercise program that encourages muscle growth.

You will need to eat a high carbohydrate, high protein, low fat diet.

The types of foods you should include in your daily eating are: nuts, cheese, potatoes and other vegetables, dried fruits, baked chicken breast, fish, whole grain bread, peanut butter, beans.

If you want a tasty snack that is comparatively healthy, go for dark chocolate, which is full of antioxidants.

Basically the method is to eat plenty of good quality food and match it with a decent workout plan.


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