Get fit through walking

Did you know that only 30 minutes of walking each day can strengthen your bones, help you lose weight, increase your level of fitness and increase your muscle power?

We take walking for granted, but it is actually a very useful form of exercise.

You can choose to walk by yourself, with a dog, with a friend or as part of a dedicated walking club. And the best news of all, walking is free!

Here are some ideas to help you with your walking.

If you are walking in your neighbourhood, mix up the route you take so that you don’t get bored.

Make sure you are wearing good quality runners to give your feet the best possible support.

Think about driving to new places to see what great views are available to look on while walking.

Consider the advantages of walking with others. Not only will you have motivation to regularly walk, you might end up making some great friends.

Investing in pedometer could be a great idea. This is a device that gives you useful information like the distance you have walked, the number of steps you have taken, the time of day and more.

You might also consider a heart rate monitor, which can indicate your current fitness level and help you improve your fitness over time.

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