Get ripped in three weeks with our Beach Summer work-out

Get ripped with our Beach Summer work-out

(Try this a minimum three times per week for three weeks)

Warm Up
Stroll the beach for five to ten minutes to get your blood moving.
Begin with a five to 10 minute stroll to get your blood boiling and take in the scenery and fresh sea air.


Perform five sets of 10 push-ups on the hard sand. The more experienced, try with one hand behind your back.


Do 100 crunches on the sand which will strengthen the targeted core stomach muscles.

Hit The Waves
Swim (in view of a lifeguard) for fifteen minutes. As your stamina increases, up your swim time to half an hour.
Try butterfly stroke, fighting the water’s natural tide and the natural floating you experience reduced joint strain. It is understood the low impact of the beach waves can reduce your calories by 350 per hour.

Surf or bodyboard

Take the surfboard or bodyboard in and paddle for 20 minutes. If an experienced surfer, grabĀ a few waves and make it enjoyable.

Get Your Heart Pumping
Walk for three minutes, then run or jog for one. Repeat five times.

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