Getting results at the gym

Have you been working your backside off at the gym, only to see little or no results?

It is a common problem for many people new to exercise – or returning to exercise after a long layoff – to not be able to capitalise on their effort.

Unfortunately, the perception that “just lifting more weights” will lead to the greatest gains still pervades some areas of the community.

In reality, you need to train smart, not train more.

Here are some tips that, if followed, could make a big difference to your exercise regime and see you kicking goals.

Train with a plan

Too many people rock up to the gym and just grab the nearest weight, or do the only exercise they are familiar with. If you don’t have a detailed plan of action, not only are you risking missing out on properly working out, you have no way of measuring your progress. Make sure you are equipped with a professionally written, detailed workout plan that you can adhere to and note down the weight, sets and reps of each exercise you complete.

You grow when you rest

This is perhaps the hardest thing for new trainers to get their heads around. The workout process works as follows. When you exercise, you cause small tears in your muscles. When you rest, your body grows extra muscle tissue in the damaged area, making you stronger and bigger. So the key is to a) train properly, b) eat nutrients to fuel healing and growth and c) rest, rest, and rest so that you can grow.

Keep your mind on the job

You cannot be successful at the gym when your mind is on autopilot. If you are not able to get yourself into “the zone” for a gym session, it might be worth skipping and going the next day. You need to be able to concentrate in order to get your form and technique right. Think through each movement as you complete it. Never slacken in this approach or you risk injury and wasting your time.


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