Getting To Know Yoga

Unhealthy lifestyle habits are one of the leading precipitating factors to illness and disease. Nowadays, people get so preoccupied with the demands in life that we tend to forget to value our own health. But keeping yourself healthy and is not a tedious thing to comply with.

Apart from adhering to a proper diet, we need to engage in physical exercise to improve our health and quality of life. But the problem is, we dread to even hear the word exercise because most people think that it is a stressful and time consuming activity to do. This is usually the misconception of many. Yet there’s more to exercise than sweating out, getting stinky and burning calories and fats.

As a fitness regimen today, Yoga is not merely an exercise for the body but it’s an exercise for the mind and soul as well. Yoga dates back between 1000-5000 BC in India as an ancient path to spiritual growth. The goal of Yoga then was to promote union of the self (finite jiva) and Brahman/ God which is grounded on the doctrine known as Pantheism. When applied today, Yoga is considered as a psychosomatic exercise.

Most people expect that Yoga is filled with stretching routines. You might question the safety and health benefits we get in doing this kind of exercise. Most Yoga scholars say that an effective Yoga is when one experiences meditation and Kundalini altogether. The chakra centers are opened to release energy through the kundalini. There’s not much evidence on how it can affect the brain, but some say that if this process is not done properly, the brain can be prone to injury.

In order for us to maximize the benefits of doing Yoga, there are some principles we have to abide with to attain a healthy mind and body.

1. Release the muscle tension and put the body into a resting state. It is important to have proper relaxation to rejuvenate and refresh the mind and body from all the stressors and distractions in life.

2. Exercise using proper yoga postures with deep breathing or Asanas. This regimen will take effect on the regulation of the physical and physiological aspects of the body. It will promote blood circulation, tone and stretch the muscles and make the spine and joints more flexible. It also contributes to the mental and spiritual growth of the body.

3. Proper breathing exercises help relax the person and promote a more focused mind and increased levels of energy.

4. Since this regimen also requires meditation and optimism, Yoga is also considered a way of life. This means that it doesn’t end at the time you exercise. Practicing it throughout the day will aid you in achieving inner peace and a controllable mind.

5. Yoga should be coupled with proper diet. What we eat will greatly affect our capacity to think and feel relaxed.

Start valuing your life today. Stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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