Golf is commonly known as a retirement sport, or a past time that is usually done with a few mates and a six-pack of beers. It is rare that it is seen as a real workout, or calorie burner.

But the realty is, golf can be an extremely testing game that has great benefits to your health.

Most people who play the sport will often overlook just how good it can be for your health, and just how exhausting it can be.

In a standard round of golf, you can walk up to 4 – 9 kilometers depending on what course you play, how many holes you hit and how well you play.

On average, a walk of up to five kilometers is pretty standard, and when you take into consideration you are usually carrying clubs around with you the whole distance, it can be a pretty testing workout.

In addition, the actual stroke of hitting the ball can raise your heartbeat and leave you huffing a little bit too!

The great thing about golf as well is that it really is a low risk sport. It is pretty uncommon to break a leg, or to tear a muscle while playing – that is unless you stack the golf kart.

While the stroke can be tolling on your back, it is probably the only bad thing about the sport, and even then it is not too bad.

In addition to the great health benefits you can get from playing regular golf, there is also the slight chance you could be pretty good at it, and find your way into tournaments and competitions.

If that is the case, there is plenty of money to be won, as well as a pretty cruisy career.

When it comes to age, that also shouldn’t be a factor, and anyone from as young as five, or as old as 95 can step up to the tee and have a hit.

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