If you are a water lover who cannot swim, but loves the idea of adrenaline filled sports while getting wet, then maybe kayaking is the sport for you.

Kayaking is a water-based sport in which you sit inside a tight oblong shaped floating device, which floats on top of water.

With a double-sided paddle in your hands you are able to steep, generate speed and navigate your way down a river, or along a lake.

Depending on what water body you choose to tackle there will be many possible obstacles that will make the sport and moment exciting and fun.

In rivers, every now and then you will experience rapids: stretches of water where mini waves are formed and water surges through a rocky surface.

In short, rapids will challenge and test you as a kayaker and require more skill and strength the harder the rapid.

The more you take part in the sport, the more you will develop inner strength and balance. Your shoulders and back will become bigger and stronger, and your general cardiovascular fitness will improve.

Constant paddling will also improve your core strength and give you better endurance.

In addition to the recreational side of kayaking, there are also professional avenues people can take.

As well as white water kayaking on the world stage, there is also speed kayaking on flat water, where you race other opponents, in straight lines on flat water.

The event is so global that it is a recognized sport at the Summer Olympics, and has been known to have produced some of the worlds greatest athletes.


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