Playing Music

There seems to be a misconception of the musicians these days and just how healthy they are.

Most of what we hear about rock and pop stars is there controversial moments like Brittany Spears and Michael Jackson, as well as the drug culture made famous by some of the big bands in the 80s.

But, it is often overlooked just now fit some of these musicians are, and just how healthy playing music can be for us.

Let us take a drummer for example.

The drummer, admittedly, sits down while playing, so there is less energy burnt in that department, but when you realize just how much movement is involved when playing then you will think twice.

Think about this. A drummer is moving all four limbs non-stop for the duration of a song, which is about three to four minutes long.

Yes, there are times when the beat will be slower and playing will be easier, but there are also times when the beat is fast and the drummer will burn a lot of energy to keep in time and keep tight.

By the end of a song it is common to see most musicians build up a pretty big sweat, and be huffing and puffing a fair bit.

But it is not just drummers who do it tough. Guitarists certainly are not short of energy when on stage and when performing live, energy is essential and calories will be burnt.

On top of all of this, we forget the fact that in most music concerts, musicians are performing under some pretty bright lights that will be sure to make you burn and sweat.

So, if you are looking at finding a nice exercise that will also possibly lead to a career out of sport, then music is a decent option.

And, the best part is, it keeps you healthy!

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