With the 2010 Commonwealth Games just around the corner in Delhi, it’s a good time to start remembering some of the lesser-known sports around the world that will be participated at the event.

One of those is Shooting.

Now shooting has a special place in Australian sporting history largely because of its rich history and the many medals it has had in past Games.

Some of the big names in the sport down under include Michael Diamond, Russell Mark and Sarah Bollagh.

If you had no idea about the sport and what was involved in competing, I can tell you now, it is not a violent, contact sport, or even one that involves simultaneous participation.

While it may sound like a barbaric sport, it is actually one of a strangely peaceful aura.

There are many different classifications in the sport, ranging from trap, double trap and different events involving shotguns and barrels.

The basic principal in all of these is to beat your opponent one on one.

One at a time you will step up to the plate and shoot down as many targets as you can, trying to score better than your opponent.

From a spectator’s point of view, the sport can be interesting, and not interesting, as it is not really an action packed event.

It can be very loud, and as competitors it is advised to wear earmuffs and/or earplugs while competing.

If you were interested in getting into the sport, it can be hard to know the right places to go and the right places to speak to.

As guns are illegal in many parts of the world, a license of some sort will need to be obtained, and it will also be quite an expensive sport to take part in.

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