For those extreme sports lovers around the country, winter is usually the most hated month.

The cold weather makes it hard for you to head out and go for a surf, or even to warm your muscles enough to go for a skate or bike ride.

Then there is the issue of wind and rain, which makes it tougher all together.

So, what activities are there for an extreme sports lover in winter??? Well, there is one obvious answer… Snowboarding!!

For many Aussies, we have never even been to the snow let alone strapped our feet to a board and ridden down a hill in excess of 50 kilometers per hour.

But the sport is one of the fastest growing and much loved past times in our shores.

The good thing about snowboarding is that it keeps you active, warm and fit during the time of the year we usually let ourselves go.

What makes snowboarding even better for your health than skiing or tobogganing is that there it is a lot harder to move around, and because you do not have ski poles or free feet to move around with, you are often left unstrapping, skating and walking a lot more that you would like.

While actually traveling down hill, you will burn a lot of fat and strengthen your leg muscles as well as increasing your balance.

Snowboarding requires precise weight distribution and will build up your reaction time and stamina.

And if you like to hit the jumps and do tricks along your way own, your vertical leap will improve and so to your speed and agility.

Now, there are still some negatives attached to the sport.

For starters it does have a bad track record for damaging knees and ankles, and the harder you push yourself the more chance there is for injury.

While snow is softer than concrete, and you will not get any gravel rash, it is still hard and you must remember you are not invincible on it.

Happy boarding!

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