Speed up your metabolism

Your metabolism is key to loosing weight; every time you eat enzymes in your body break down the food and will turn it into energy. The faster your metabolism is the more calories you burn. Annoyingly it’s a well-known fact that men’s metabolism is naturally faster than a women’s and that’s why they can consume more calories.

People sometimes blame a slow metabolism for being over weight, but if you’re determined to overcome this then are some small and easy steps to boost and speed up your metabolism.

· Eat breakfast (preferably a healthy one!): I’m sure you’re mum told you that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and she was right. If you think skipping breakfast is a good idea because you’re skipping a meal then you’re very much mistaken. Firstly skipping any meal is a bad idea because your body goes into starvation mode, meaning that your metabolism will actually slow down because it thinks that it needs to conserve energy. Eating healthily and regularly is key to loosing weight.

· Drink coffee: A study published in the journal Physiology & Behaviour found that the average metabolic rate of people who drank caffeinated coffee increased 16% over that of those who drank decaf. Caffeine is effective at breaking down fat as it releases fatty acids in the system, which thus burns calories.

· Drink lots of cold water: Try and drink eight to twelve glasses of water per day, this will help improve your skin and if those glasses are ice cold your body will burn calories heating the water to your core body temperature. It doesn’t burn many calories but every one counts!

· Drink green tea: The “hot” drink in weight loss, it helps promote fat burning, the only downsides are – it’s quite bitter and so may not be to everybody’s taste, but it is one that you should learn to like as green tea has many health giving benefits, and for weight loss you have to drink at least four cups a day to see any effect.

· Eat chillies: The compound that creates heat in chillies will also speed up your metabolism. Eating about one tablespoon of chopped red or green chillies boosts your body’s production of heat and the activity of your sympathetic nervous system.

· Sleep: When you don’t get enough sleep it messes up your leptin and ghrelin -hormones that help regulate energy use and appetite, and so your metabolism goes out of kilter. Researchers at Stanford University found that people who snoozed fewer than 7.5 hours per night experienced an increase in their body mass index. So make sure you get at least eight hours of rest.

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