Tennis might dominate the racquet sports on the marketing and commercial world, but when the cameras are gone, another similar sport is just as popular with the public.

Squash might not get the credibility it deserves these days, but it is definitely a much-loved sport with fitness freaks and weekend warriors around the world.

For those who are not familiar with the game, it is played indoors in a rectangle shaped court.

There are walls on all sides and red lines to indicate what height will deem the ball to be in or out.

The basic principal is simple; one person hits the ball in rotation until a foul is committed.

The beauty of the sport is that you can use and of the walls available as long as the ball makes contact with the front wall.

It might sound confusing in writing, but when played it flows quite fluently and is definitely a fast paced and fun game not only to lay, but also to watch.

While there might not be too much distance running in squash, that is not to mean there is not a lot of calories to burn and a heart rate to shoot through the roof.

Playing squash is extremely fast paced, and you will find yourself running from side to side at full pace and as a result your agility will improve exponentially.

Regular playing will see you develop quicker reflexes, improved speed and more flexibility.

In addition, it is a non contact sport and a great way to get, or keep fit without injuring yourself or harming your body.

It is no surprise the sport is played by all kinds of people and enjoyed in all corners of the world.

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