Core Strength

Core strength is one area of overall fitness that often gets overlooked theses days.

So many people are more concerned about working on their chest, arms or just overall cardio, that they often neglect their core strength.

Without a doubt, however, core strength is one of the most important elements of overall fitness and well being.

If your core strength is good, you will feel better everywhere else in your body and it will improve sleep, rest and general fitness.

So, how do you increase your strength around the centre of your body??

Core strength training can be achieved through many different programmes and routines.

All of them work in their own rights.

The first thing people have to understand though, is that the core region consists of far more than just the abdominal muscles.

In fact core strength training aims to target all the muscles groups that stabilize the spine and pelvis.

It’s these muscle groups that are critical for the transfer of energy from large to small body parts during many sporting activities.

Many exercises like sit ups, push ups and stomach crunches are all great for toning and increasing your core strength.

Other sports like swimming, balancing, skipping, and general running all work to help your core strength also.

So, what are the main benefits in an athlete having a strong core??

Greater efficiency of movement, improved body control and balance and Increased power output are all benefits form an improved core.

You will also find your balance and stability improving, and your overall athletic performance lift up a level.

At the end of the day, core strength is vital in excellent health and fitness.

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