Exercise 101: circuit training

Circuit training is ideal for those chasing an all-round workout but who can’t set aside 90 minutes each day for a gym workout.

The way circuit training operates is that a number of different ‘stations’ will be set up in a gym room, and you progress from one to the next performing different movements.

For example, you might do a 10 station circuit that includes the following exercises: chin ups, sit ups, push ups, skipping, rowing, bicep curls, jogging on the spot, cycling, boxing and dips.

The aim of a circuit is to work many different muscle groups in a short amount of time, rather than taking it slowly and focusing on isolated areas as you would with a standard gym workout.

You should be able to devise an appropriate, regular circuit for a 20-minute period.

As you progress you may find that you are completing the circuit quicker, in which case you might want to add extra time or repetitions to each station.

The more you practice the better you will become and you will soon develop a feeling for how to compose and adhere to your own circuit training.

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