Exercise 101: single-leg lunge

Among the most commonly prescribed exercises at gyms is the lunge. The lunge is designed to foster single-leg stability and strength, and in the long run to make sure both legs are equally as strong.

If you do lunges correctly and build up good single-leg strength, you lower your chances of getting hip, knee and ankle problems.

The main muscles you work when performing the lunge are your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and gluteals. You also need to use your abdominals for keeping the right posture.

Stand with your hands on your hips, then step one foot about a metre in front of the other.

Raise your rear heel off the ground, and keep your front foot well grounded.

Bend your front knee, putting all your weight into the front foot.

Once you are as low as you can get, push into your front heel to straighten again.

Repeat on each foot.

Try to do three sets of five reps.

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