Gym-free workout

Although the modern emphasis for workouts is generally on using weights at the gym, there can sometimes be serious downsides to this type of workout.

Most weight lifting routines tend to isolate muscles, which is not a natural thing to do and can lead to irregular growth and sometimes injury.

An often overlooked option is to workout based on your body’s own resistance. This type of workout works for many people and, although it won’t give you exactly the same outcome as a gym workout, it has many advantages.

First of all, you get a more natural and well-rounded workout without weights. Take the example of pushups as compared with the bench press. Although the bench press sees you lifting more weight and will lead to larger pecs in the long run, it also isolates the chest and can curl your shoulders forward. Pushups, when done properly, require you to stabilize through the shoulders, and give you an all round, functional strength.

Secondly, you are less likely to develop an injury with a no-weights workout. When you use heavy dumbbells, for example, to workout your biceps the other parts of your body supporting the movement may not be able to cope. You might develop wrist or elbow soreness while lifting heavy bicep curls.

Here is a quick list of some common and potent no-weights exercises to consider. We will be giving more information on these movements individually in our exercise section.

Chin ups
Bent over row

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