Jumping Higher

When I was a teenager, I had dreams to be able to jump high enough to slam-dunk a basketball ring.

As a keen sportsplayer, I felt that I would only reach the peak of my agility and explosiveness if I could jump high enough to dunk the ring just like professional basketballers’ do around the world.

Now, if you are just like I was when I was younger, then read on.

The following will give you an overview of ways to increase you vertical leap, and help you reach your desired goals:

When it comes to jumping higher, the number one you must think about is improving your fast twitch muscles, and you need to do to give you the muscular make up that will facilitate the explosiveness needed.

He best way to achieve this is by jumping.

At the end of the day, if you want to get better at doing something, the best way is to do it more.

But of course, jumping up and down everyday gets boring, so here’s a few other ways we can improve our vertical leap:

Skipping – This exercise is not only great for building fast twitch muscles, but also for improving timing and balance.

Calf raises – These will ensure your calves are not overlooked and worked specifically.

Leg weights – These can be worn at all times when you don’t train and when they are off, you will feel much lighter.

Stair climbs – Great for muscle building and endurance building, but make sure you do this activity as fast as you can.

It is important when you are trying to build fast twitch muscles that you do every exercise as fast and as explosively as you can.

Only when you do this will your muscles adapt and not just get bigger and stronger, but also faster and more agile.


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