KICKBOXING can help with core strength in the body and can also have a massive affect on the mind as you clear all of your frustrations with a single punch and kick.

Many troubled teens take on kickboxing for simply something to focus on; it gets them off the streets; helps them and teaches them discipline and finds the right way about throwing a punch in different circumstances.

And if you’re any good, you can head down to your local kickboxing or boxing gym and give it a try competitively.

The sport is growing in Australia with hundreds of teens, and lots of adults training hard in gyms to achieve the ultimate success and the ultimate belts.

And as many have found, it clearly isn’t about just how hard you can hit someone.

There was an instance at Rumble in the Jungle at Hoppers Crossing in Victoria that an amateur fight was staged between two local footballers who had previously been training for 10 weeks only in the kickboxing gym.

Although only a few punches were thrown throughout the three round bout, both of the local footy players were gassed out and showed that they were completely unfit by the time the third round came around.

It shows that fitness outside of the ring is just as important. A lot of kickboxers or boxers tend to pace themselves but that pacing comes with experience.

A lot of mothers tend to also begin kickboxing because they find it an opportunity to release emotion and frustration.

There has been some that have also taken this sport up competitively and been a success.

If you are into your kickboxing and are in close proximity to Hoppers Crossing in Victoria, get down to Rumble in the Jungle on June 25 in which local crowd favourite Andre The Giant Meunier will be aiming for a world title.

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