Putting on muscle

Let’s correct a common misconception: putting on muscle is not just about lifting heavy weights as often as you can.

In fact, to successfully put on muscle you need to have a well-rounded program that takes into account exercise, diet and lifestyle habits.

To understand why this holistic approach is necessary, let’s take a look at how the body gains muscle. When you work out, you are actually putting micro tears in your muscles. After you workout you allow your body to rest, at which time it repairs the torn muscle bigger and stronger.

To get proper growth you need to make sure the right conditions are present for your body to benefit.

Having correct nutrients in your system, and in the right amount, is central. This is why professional athletes and bodybuilders spend almost as much time planning their meals as they do in the gym. Protein, iron, calcium and range of vitamins and minerals greatly support muscle growth.

Resting is probably the most overlooked element of proper training. When your body is not properly rested it is forced to constantly play catch up. This means all your physical resources are devoted to keeping your basic systems running, and little is left over for gaining muscle.

So on top of the quality workout plan you have, you need to develop a great rest pattern and a proper diet if you really want to gain muscle.

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