SWIMMING has been a major part of rehabilitation for athletes and professionals alike.

The strokes that are used during swimming helps strengthen your shoulders and your upper body and is also a relaxing exercise to do if done regularly.

There are different types of swimming methods such as breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke.

Breaststroke relies on lots of breathing and to do this technique, it is fundamental to get your breathing right during this stroke. It is lots of wave motion swimming – like an octopus – and is a technique that is used for rehabilition.

There are a lot of elderly people who use breaststroke – and of course in a slow motion – as a way to help the body and the bones in their body.

Swimming backstroke is great for concentration and balance. Swimming back stroke in a lane is like an art because you’re basically swimming backwards and need to swim in a line and not go out of the lane – in which a lot of amateur swimmers make that mistake – but it is a fundamental stroke that requires a lot of concentration.

It also helps strengthen your shoulders with those strong strokes against the tide.

Freestyle is perhaps the greatest way to strengthen the upper body and the legs as you kick away in the pool.

It strengthens your shoulders and pectorials as you use every stroke – left and right – to help maintain strength and grow some upper body strength.

Swimming regularly also helps the mind and makes you feel fresh and healthy.

Doctors recommend swimming as a way of rehab but also a way to exercise the mind and body.

You should head to your local swimming pool – preferably heated during winter – and make use of it to help get your bones warm during the cold months and also to build some strength.

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