Training with exercise balls

The past ten years have seen huge growth in the popularity of exercise balls – also called Swiss balls – as gym instructors, personal trainers, elite athletes and more have realised the great benefits they offer.

An exercise ball can be seen as a total workout device, because you can exercise virtually every body part when using it correctly.

The most prominent and well-known use of the Swiss ball is for abdominal strengthening exercises – crunches and bridges being the most common here – but a full range of other movements can be based on this device too.

For example, many have discovered the advantages of combining free weights (dumbbells) with the Swiss ball. Performing movements such as dumbbell shoulder presses on the Swiss ball add an extra requirement of balance that cannot be found when doing the movement in isolation.

As such, you can get a holistic workout by basing your exercises around an exercise ball.

There is a real Pilates influence behind the idea of using the Swiss ball at the centre of your exercise pattern, because core strength is considered the key ingredient and objective.

Once you have obtained your very own exercise ball, you can look up a number of great exercises online.


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